2014 Summer Teaching in China

When: July 7th - July 25th

Where: Qingdao, China 

Who is Eligible: Middle or High School Teacher who has more than 2 year classroom experience and who can teach at least 2 middle or high school subjects, one of them is Language Art. 

The three-week program is design for those students whose family is planning to send them to United State for high school study, but want to experience the teaching styles and find out if their English need further improve before fully taking advantage of US high school education.

Teacher will be teaching a classroom around 15 middle school students. Teacher will provide a taste of classroom in US. This includes but not limited to: arrange classroom as US classroom styles, use common used teaching methods such as project based, integrated, or demonstrate other tools and methodologies that common used in US middle or high school classroom, assign similar homework and quiz that you will assign in your US classroom, assign project and have student to do presentations, etc. The goal is to provide sample of teaching in US in various subjects, such as Social Study, History, Language Art, Health, Math, Science. 

The teaching period is 3 weeks. Teachers are able to do some sightseeing during the weekday evenings or weekends, before or after the program. We can help arrange short trips, local sightseeing or join all inclusive tour groups.