Global Competence Program

Twentieth-century assumptions about the world are rapidly becoming obsolete. Globalization, the digital revolution, mass migration, and the prospect of climate instability are triggering new concerns and demanding a new kind of graduate. In the 21st century we are recasting our understanding of economics, communication, security, cultural identity, citizenship, and the environment. The cross-border challenges and opportunities that face our youth after graduation demands a more powerful, relevant, and self-directed learning that will prepare them to live, compete, and collaborate in new ways. We must prepare our students to be globally competent.

What is Global Competence? Global Competence is rooted in our changing reality and is constantly evolving with the world. At its core, global competence is “the disposition and capacity to understand and act on issues of global significance.” 

PIE Global Learning Program introduce current trends in Global Competencies programs to Chinese Educators and School administrators. The program includes but not limited to 

  • Leader Learning Series for School Administrators
  • School Study Tour
  • Teacher Training Program
  • Summer Institute
  • In school program implementation